Whitesage is a boutique legal and advisory Firm, offering smart solutions to the most complex issues. We are client focused, offering exceptional personalised services and highly tailored solutions.

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Whitesage operates a culture of innovation and versatility. For our clients, we go beyond legal to offering a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving. We use all our resources to help our clients make the right choices, address any challenges and capture new opportunities along the way.

Advisory and Consultancy Services

The Firm’s expertise is multifaceted. We offer our clients consultancy and advisory services in areas such as Information Technology and Data Protection, Accounting and Finance, Civil Engineering, Defence and Security and Health Services.

Our Reach

The Firm enjoys formidable contacts and excellent working relations with other Firms and Consultancies across the globe, from Africa to Europe and the Middle East. With major contacts in governments across different countries, multinational businesses and finance houses, our Firm is able to offer our clients a more wholistic approach to their businesses needs with bespoke solutions.

Discretion & Dependability

Whitesage is synonymous with client privacy and reliability. Our confidentiality policies are watertight and indispensable to who we are. We operate under the strictest of confidence and offer discreet services on all matters brought before us.